Honors Program

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At QU, honors students will enjoy a course of study that incorporates general education classes, electives, experiential learning, and interdisciplinary opportunities. We meet formally at the fall semester kick-off picnic, for program assessment, and for the Honors Banquet. We also get together for outside-the-classroom colloquia throughout the school year. Every fall you'll be asked to meet with the Honors Director, every spring your progress in the program will be evaluated on your Honors coursework and your cumulative GPA (3.4 is the golden number!).


In keeping with the mission of Quincy University, the Honors Program seeks to enhance students' educational experience, to prepare them for leadership, and to build relationships with the faculty and each other. We offer academically gifted students a creative, stimulating and challenging course of study that equips them to transform the world.

The Honors Program:
  • promotes academic excellence through critical thinking, original research, exceptional writing, and public presentation of scholarship
  • Creates a shared experience in an intellectual community, and prepares students for a life of service and leadership.

The Director

The Honors Program is administered by a Director who, with the assistance of the Honors Council, will oversee course development, colloquia, recruitment of faculty, selection of honors candidates, evaluation of Senior Honors candidates, and other elements of the program.

The Honors Committee

The Committee is composed of the director (chair), honors faculty, and two student members chosen by the Committee. The Committee serves in an advisory and policy making capacity, with some operational duties.  The Committee makes recommendations to the director, supports the activities of the program, and acts as a resource for new ideas.  The Committee is also involved in assessing the program, which includes an annual evaluation meeting of faculty and students in the spring semester.  

The Quincy University Honors Program is university-wide and compatible with any major.