Elementary Education

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Promise Yourself a Brighter Future
Completing a professional degree is a proven way to increase your potential in the workplace and to enhance your life satisfaction. At Quincy University, we understand the personal commitment you invest in your degree and the sacrifices you willingly make to reach your goals.

That's why we designed Professional Studies with your needs and requirements in mind'so that "future perfect" doesn't have to mean "present tense."

Professional studies enables students to maintain the other commitments in their lives by providing accelerated courses that generally meet one evening each week for three - four hours (or in an extended weekend format).  Each semester consists of two eight-week sessions in which students typically complete two classes per session. 

Students meet the requirements of full-time status through focused and concentrated study. In this non-residential program, expert instructors draw upon the life and professional experiences of participants to create a dynamic and supportive learning community.

Your First Step Sets the Pace
Acting on your plans for the future is a major move, and you don't want to be slowed down by red tape or unanswered questions.  That's why we've streamlined our transfer process to show you where you stand and to help you forge a clear path to your destination. 

At Quincy University, we know that your previous academic work is valuable—and so is your time. We make academic information—including our complete catalog--available to you 24/7 on our website. Our Early Transcript Evaluation program matches your record to our curricula to give you a simple yet detailed timeline for completing a degree at QU. 

Completing Your Journey
At QU, we help you to build on the foundation you have established in meeting the criteria for admission to Professional Studies:   

  • A minimum age of 24 years with 7 or more years since high school graduation.
  • Completion of an applicable associate degree program or 60 hours of transferable applicable college credit with a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher (Admission to Teacher Education Program requires a 2.6 or higher GPA).

To earn your bachelor's degree in Elementary Education, you'll add coursework to total a minimum graduation requirement of 124 credit hours, including six credit hours of theology or religion courses. 

That total may include Credit for Academically Related Experience (CARE), which reflects achievement of learning objectives through practical or professional activities and accomplishments. Your advisor will guide you in applying for CARE and in selecting the courses that will complement your major field of study.

Professional Studies degree in Elementary EducationThe Elementary Education curriculum is designed to graduate students with teaching licensure in the State of Illinois in addition to a bachelor's degree. As a result, students in elementary education must do student teaching during the day for the final semester of degree work. Elementary education graduates of Professional Studies are currently teaching in many schools throughout the state. Because licensure requirements for Illinois and other states are quite specific, some of the program involves courses in areas outside Education.

Students are strongly encouraged to have passed the Illinois Test of Academic Proficiency prior to admission. Students cannot register for a second semester of coursework until this requirement has been met.

Please refer to the Elementary Education section of the catalog (http://www.quincy.edu/academics/academic-catalog) for a list of courses required for a degree in elementary education and for more detailed information regarding admission to the Teacher Education Program, Continuation in the Teacher Education Program, Acceptance for Student Teaching and Curriculum Requirements for Teacher licensure.

Supporting Academic Excellence
Quincy University's commitment to individualized education isn't limited to your classroom or online coursework. As you challenge yourself to tackle demanding courses, you'll want to put the experts on your team. The extensive databases and journals maintained by the Brenner Library—plus the research expertise of professional librarians—are available to you online or in person. In addition, the Learning Resource Center (LRC) can help you tap a wealth of short- and long-term resources tailored to your specific needs, interests, and learning style. 

The staff of the LRC will guide you in choosing the programs, technology, and materials to resolve a question, simplify a puzzling project, or support you as you reach for your personal best. You may find the answers you need during a single consultation, or you may decide to be part of an extended program or study group. 

All resources and services of the Learning Resource Center are available to QU students at no additional charge. The center's schedule is designed to fit the patterns of peak need throughout the semester.

Off to a Fast Start
Launching your admission process is just a click away. First, complete the online application here. Then contact your previous colleges or universities, authorizing them to send your transcripts to QU. 

You'll receive a quick response and customized enrollment assistance that will answer your questions and meet your needs. Tour the campus, confer with an Education advisor, meet current students, and preview the Professional Studies experience for yourself.

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