Program Requirements

At QU, we help you to build on the foundation you have established in meeting the criteria for admission to the Professional Studies program:

  • A minimum age of 24 years with 7 or more years since high school graduation.
  • Completion of an applicable associate degreeprogram or 60 transferable credit hours with acumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher.
All of the academic programs in the Professional Degree Program (PDP) require students to complete:
  • The University's General Education requirements or an applicable Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree; 124 semester hours of approved academic coursework, including 6 semester hours of Theology or Religious Studies; and applicable degree requirements specified in the curriculum of the respective discipline.
  • That total may include Credit for Academically Related Experience (CARE), which reflects achievement of learning objectives through practical or professional activities and accomplishments. Your advisor will guide you in applying for CARE and in selecting the courses that will complement your major field of study.
  • Complete all Business courses in two academic years (six sessions), taking courses two nights a week (two courses per session). There are 16 three-hour courses that make up the PDP bachelor degree in Business Administration. There are no program electives.