Experiential Learning


Experiential learning is a great way to gain field experience, decide if the occupation is a good fit, and begin the important networking process for a successful career.   Quincy University offers experiential learning in the forms of Internships and Practicums.   You can complete your internship or practicum during the summer months or with local businesses during the academic year.

Types of Experiential Learning Opportunities

  • Internships are experiences where students or recent graduates undergo supervised practical training.  Internships can be paid or un-paid and are supervised by a faculty advisor.  Students should receive academic credit in exchange for internships that are un-paid.
  • Practica are university courses focused on a specialized field of study designed to give students supervised practical application of previously studied theory.  Practica are often unpaid and are required in certain majors for degree completion

Students should first contact their academic advisor to map out a plan for an experiential learning opportunity.

Expectations of Experiential Learning

  • Students must meet with their academic advisor to decide if their internship or practicum opportunity meets the criteria for major requirements.  
  • Job Responsibilities must be equivalent to professional projects and/or assignments.
  • The host organization is required to provide an onsite supervisor that meets regularly with the student to provide feedback and/or direction.
  • All Experiential Learning opportunities must include learning outcomes.

Course Credit and Orientation

To receive course credit, students must register for the course, complete all necessary paperwork, and complete the assigned materials for the course. Students should work closely with their academic advisor to determine the appropriate course number and structure for their experiential learning experience. Prior to starting a learning experience students must attend an orientation to prepare them for a successful field experience. Students will be notified through university email of the dates and times of the orientation.

Get an Early Start with the "Early Exploratory Internship"

The Early Exploratory Internship Program , EEIP is a unique Quincy University opportunity for students residing in Illinois.  Through a combination of state grant funds from the Illinois Cooperative Work Study Program of the Board of Education, and the cooperation of businesses and agencies, students can gain pre-professional experience in fields of interest.  The program is designed for first and second year students, and offers students the chance to explore off-campus business and technical options related to their academic fields.  For more information and to contact the EEIP Advisor, visit www.qucommunication.com.