Q: Does the Career Services Center "place" or "get" students jobs?
A: No. Career Services is here to assist students with developing the "tools" to go out and successfully market themselves.

Q: Does Career Services write resumes for students?
A: No. Career Services will assist you with getting started on constructing your resume. The office will provide you with resume-writing guidelines and examples to aid you, but it is up to you to write your own resume.

Q: I'm nervous about going on a job interview, can Career Services help?
A: Yes. You can come in and do a "mock interview" with a professional staff member. These "mock interviews" are an excellent way to polish and practice your interviewing skills.

Q: I know what kind of job I want, but I'm not sure where to look for openings. Can Career Services help?
A: Yes. You can meet with the career coordinator to go over your search strategies, methods for contacting employers, and use the Internet to aid in your search.

Q: Does Career Services have a "list" of employers that I can have to establish contact with?
A: No. Career Services does not provide a "list" of employers. The office has a weekly news with job opportunities; employers actively recruit on-campus throughout the school year (check with Career Services for dates and times), and Career Services sponsors a campus Networking Event Fair in the spring. (Check with the office for dates and times).

Q: I'm not sure what I want to do when I graduate. Does Career Services provide any "tests" that might help me to decide?
A: Yes. The Career Services Center does provide SIGI3 and other standardized testing that will aid you in making career choices.

Q: Is there a class that covers career service issues and topics?
A: Yes. The course is Career Development 110 and is open to freshmen and sophomore students. The course is an 8-week course. When completed students will have gained valuable information and 2-credit hours towards graduation.