Hyatt Folklore Collection

The Hyatt Folklore Collection, created by Dr. Harry Hyatt (1890-1980), is unique among folklore collections in the United States because it largely consists of data related to the study of African-American folklore. It contains notes, letters, documents, scrapbooks, and photographs collected in travels and research conducted by Dr. Hyatt in North Africa, Europe and the United States between 1920-1970.

Of special interest are the audio tapes, numbering over 100 cassettes, which contain interviews with several tellers of folktales. Dr. Hyatt is also interviewed on a few of the tapes discussing his life's work and so provides a valuable oral history and background to the document collection.

The total collection measures about 25 linear feet and although it is not fully available to researchers, parts of the collection may be viewed with prior permission from the archivist, Patricia Tomczak.