Brenner Library

Circulation Policies

Interlibrary Loan Policies

Mission of Brenner Library:

The Brenner Library supports the mission of Quincy University as a Catholic, independent, liberal arts institution of higher learning in the Franciscan tradition.  The Library is central to information discovery, promotion of life-long learning, and the exchange of ideas reflecting all points of view.  The Brenner Library fosters a collaborative learning environment integrating modern technologies and traditional library resources to provide information and services to a diverse University community. 

The Library is the main resource for information, scholarly research, and the intellectual support for the curricula of Quincy University.  The Brenner Library provides resources for the interest, information and enlightenment of all persons in the Quincy University community, and the community of scholars at large.

Learning outcomes of the Library Mission:

  1. Will provide resources in all formats to support the University's curricula, and indeed support all areas of interest and scholarship by continuing to develop the Library's collection in books, journals, audio-visual media, and electronic resources.
  2. Will collaborate with faculty to teach each student how to locate, evaluate and use information in any format effectively.
  3. Will provide convenient and seamless access to printed and electronic media resources by maintaining the electronic catalog and all consortia, regional and national partnerships.  Every effort will be made to locate and provide access to any resource needed by a member of the University community even if the item needed is not part of the Library's in-house collection.
  4. Will develop the Library as a place where the entire University community may collaborate intellectually, culturally, and socially fostering communication, life-long learning and overall enhancement of the learning experience.
  5. Will provide quality service to all who use the library's resources including distance learners, handicapped, and life-long learners.
  6. Will encourage professional development of the Library staff so that services may continue to evolve to meet the needs of the University community.
  7. Will preserve resources important to the University's identity and history for use by future faculty and students.